5 best Deodorants for Women in 2017

Looking for a way to smell good? Beating body odor while living an active lifestyle can be a challenge, but 2017 has a wide range of deodorant products that are up to helping you achieve that goal. Let’s look at five of the best deodorants for women in 2017.


There’s been an increased focus on deodorant products that don’t include potentially harmful ingredients, despite the fact that there’s no actual scientific link between them. Native is a new deodorant brand that promises to help you smell great, without putting your health at risk. The product does not include any parabens, and there’s no aluminum in the mix, either. It’s also touted as being able to keep you dry all day (making this actually an antiperspirant deodorant, rather than a pure deodorant).


If you’re willing to spend a little bit more for a natural deodorant that smells great and lasts for a long time, consider Aesop. It’s from the same Down Under developers that brought you the soap by the same name, and it is also paraben and aluminum free. Again, this is another product that claims to be one thing, but is in fact another – it’s another antiperspirant deodorant, not a pure deodorant, which seems to be a common theme in women’s anti-sweating products.

Captain Blankenship

Want a throwback to the early days of deodorants? Consider Captain Blankenship, a unique cream deodorant that must be applied with an applicator (or with your hands). It includes both lime and vetiver, and does not include any parabens or aluminum. With that being said, this is a true deodorant, and will not prevent you from sweating. It does include hydrating essential oils, and provides healing benefits to your underarm skin.


Dove has long been a popular manufacturer in the women’s health and beauty industry. They make everything from shaving cream to soap, and their deodorants embody the same determination to use gentle, natural ingredients as their other products do. Dove deodorant is long lasting (up to 48 hours), and does provide antiperspirant benefits. The fact that it’s affordable is also a significant benefit.


Looking for a truly all-natural product to help with your sweating problem? Consider Schmidt’s. The company offers a wide range of scents, from coconut-pineapple to lavender to jasmine, and everything in between. All of them are formulated without potentially harmful ingredients like aluminum chloride, but are also free of potential irritants like baking soda. This brand is also a true deodorant, and does not stop sweat (but stops the smell from being a problem). However, be prepared to pay a bit more, as Schmidt’s is roughly twice the price of Dove.

These are just a few of the many deodorants for women on the market in 2017 that offer an escape from potentially harmful or damaging ingredients, while delivering the confidence to make it through the day, and the ability to smell good while you’re doing so.